Optimize for Newer Android Versions

This article explains how to optimize your Android 5.0 or newer device to work with the latest Android battery optimizations. Newer versions of this implementation go by the name Doze Mode.

Google has implemented aggressive battery management features starting with Android 5.0 which may cause Tasker and SharpTools not to behave as expected. If you are having trouble with actions executing from Tasker (or from widgets), please try the troubleshooting steps in this guide and any linked guides.

In addition to battery management features, some devices also come with network optimization features. Check the manual for your device or search Google to see if there are any 'Data Saver', 'App Standby', or other similar features which might limit network communication of an application. For example, this is common on Samsung devices. Be sure to either disable any data saver features of your device or whitelist SharpTools in the data saver feature of your device.

Tasker Optimizations

Follow the steps in the Tasker: Android Power management guide to ensure Tasker is optimized to work with Android 5.0 and newer.

SharpTools Optimizations

Whitelist SharpTools to ensure that it is not "battery optimized" by Android as the optimization may significantly delay or prevent actions from triggering altogether.

Vanilla Android Devices

  1. Open Android Settings

  2. Select Battery

  3. Select the `...` overflow menu in the top action bar

  4. Select Battery Optimization

  5. Change the drop-down selection to All Apps

  6. Find SharpTools in the list, tap it, and change the selection to Not Optimized

The instructions may vary slightly based on your device and OS version. You might also try opening Apps from Android Settings and looking for an overflow menu or cog in the action bar which you can select and then choose Battery Optimization

Samsung Devices (Android 5.1.1+)

Follow the instructions in the linked article for Samsung Devices:

Are there special optimizations I should make for Samsung devices?

MIUI Devices (MIUI 7+)

  1. Launch the Settings app

  2. Select Additional Settings

  3. Select Battery & performance

  4. Select Manage apps battery usage

  5. Change the setting to OFF