React to Specific Mode Changes

Post date: Oct 26, 2015 9:7:48 PM

In this tutorial, we'll show how to react to specific mode changes. By default, when you subscribe to mode changes in SharpTools, the 'Mode Change' event plugin will be triggered anytime ANY mode change occurs. If you want to trigger mode changes only for specific modes, you will need to use a conditional action (IF).

In this example, we will explain how to setup a task that only runs if the mode is changed to `Night`.

    1. Open SharpTools

    2. Open the left navigation and select Modes

    3. Long press on any mode and select 'Subscribe to all mode changes'

    4. Note: If you are presented with the option 'Unsubscribe from all mode changes', you are already subscribed and no action is needed.

    5. Open Tasker

    6. Create a new Profile > Event > Plugins > SharpTools: Mode Change

    7. Click the pencil icon to edit the plugin

    8. No configuration is needed, so simply click the Apply button

    9. Press back to exit the profile configuration

    10. When you are prompted to enter a name for the task, leave the task blank and tap the checkmark to continue

    11. Add a new action using the + icon

    12. Select your desired action (for example, Alert > Flash)

    13. Configure your desired example (for example Text: "This is the mode we want")

    14. While you are still in the Task, press the + icon in the IF section

    15. Configure the conditional action: IF %st_mode ~ night

    16. Note: See the conditional action article for more information.

    17. Back out of the action

    18. Back out of the profile

    19. Back out of Tasker to enable the new profile

Here's a video showing this feature in action: