Launch Android TV UI

If you are using an Android TV box which has support for Google Play Services and want to use the Tasker integration, you can instruct Tasker to launch the phone/tablet version of SharpTools by using the following instructions.

This approach is not officially supported, but may be helpful if you want want to be able to use your Android TV box for automations and need to access certain features of the main SharpTools UI like the ability to subscribe to events.

  1. Open Tasker

  2. Create a new Task

  3. Add an Action > Send Intent

  4. Fill in the following settings for the Send Intent action:

    • Action: android.intent.action.MAIN

    • Cat: None

    • Package: com.boshdirect.stwidgets

    • Class: com.boshdirect.stwidgets.MainActivity

    • Target: Activity

Here's what the Send Intent parameters would look like:

The screenshots are taken on a phone, but the same parameters should be available in the Tasker Android TV interface .

Other Intents

Did you know that there are other intents available that you can try?

  • Class: com.boshdirect.stwidgets.MainActivity

    • Directly opens the phone/tablet version of the UI

  • Class:

    • Directly opens the TV version of the UI on a phone or tablet.

    • Note that this requires Android Lollipop or newer (Android 5.0)

    • If you are on an Android Lollipop or newer device, you will also see an option to enable the TV UI under SharpTools > Settings > Advanced: Launch in TV Mode

  • Class: com.boshdirect.stwidgets.LauncherActivity

    • This activity is typically launched by most devices and automatically determines if it should open the 'standard' UI or the TV UI based on your device type and preferences (eg. Settings > Advanced: Launch in TV Mode)