Reset SharpTools Completely

After exhausting all other troubleshooting steps, or if directed to do so by the SharpTools developer, you may want to completely reset SharpTools.

This process will completely remove all data related to SharpTools from your mobile device as well as the SharpTools SmartApp hosted on the SmartThings servers. If you have SharpTools authorized on other mobile devices with the same SmartThings account, this will remove all subscriptions and authorizations for those devices. Any widgets on the device will be removed when the SharpTools mobile app is removed. This will also disconnect your account if you have one.

Configuration for Tasker is stored locally on your Android device, but the authorization for access to view and control your Things is done as part of the SmartApp. If you completely remove the SmartApp from SmartThings, all of your authorizations and subscriptions will be removed and you will need to complete the reauthorization on each mobile device and resubscribe to desired attributes, but your local Tasker configurations will remain.

To reset SharpTools, first open the SmartThings mobile application and remove the SharpTools SmartApp. As of writing this document, you can remove a SmartApp by:

  1. Open the SmartThings mobile app

  2. From the navigation bar at the bottom, select Automations

  3. Scroll down to the SmartApps section and tap SharpTools

  4. Tap the `...` in the top-right corner and select Delete

After the SharpTools SmartApp is removed, clear the data from the SharpTools mobile app. While many devices should not require clearing the data from the app (as an uninstall and reinstall process should clear the data), experience has shown that some device manufacturers cache app data longer than they should. To work around this, manually clear the data from the SharpTools app before removing and reinstalling it. The instructions on how to do this vary from device to device, but in general the process includes navigating to your main Android Settings screen, then selecting Applications, select "All Applications" or "Installed Applications", then scroll down and find SharpTools, then select "Clear Data". Again, the process may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so refer to manufacturer instructions as needed.

After the app data has been cleared, uninstall and then reinstall the SharpTools Android app. Open Google Play and search for SharpTools -- select SharpTools and then select the 'Remove' option. Once the application is removed, restart your Android device. After your device has restarted, open Google Play and search for 'SharpTools' and select Install.

After installing SharpTools, complete the Authorization of your Things from the SharpTools Settings screen and setup any desired subscriptions again.

If you have any Tasker profiles, those configurations should remain, but be sure to reauthorize all of the things which are used in your Tasker profiles and if you are using any push-event profiles, be sure to setup the required subscriptions.

⚠️If you are a user, be sure to reconnect SmartThings to your account from your User Page.