⚠️The Tasker Plugins and Android Widgets are being deprecated alongside SmartThings' Groovy Shutdown. Learn More

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Widgets and Tasker plugin features

    • Control your SmartThings automated home from Tasker and Widgets

  • Widgets that display Thing state (eg. if your light is on or off)

  • Toggle devices with the Switch or Lock capability

    • Simple interface for controlling a Thing

    • Simple interface for executing a Routine (also known as Phrases or Hello Home Actions)

    • Available device commands are automatically pulled from the SmartThings API

    • Send standard commands like on and off

    • Send commands with parameters

      • Example: setLevel(Level0-100, dimOverXSeconds) for capable Dimmer Switches

  • Pass Tasker variables to the SharpTools Tasker plugin

  • Note: Check out the AutoVoice Tasker Tutorial for an example of using your voice to control your home!

  • Query the current status of your devices in Tasker

  • Modes:

    • Change modes via Widgets or Tasker

    • Subscribe to mode changes and react in Tasker

    • Query current mode in Tasker

SharpTools app features

    • Authorization to access devices you approve through the SmartThings API*

  • Control your SmartThings automated home

      • Turn on/off lights, Dim lights, Control your thermostat, and more!

  • View the current state of your connected home

  • Built for speed! Fast load times.

    • Execute Hello Home Phrases (actions)

    • Change Modes

    • Subscription management

      • Subscribe or unsubscribe from Thing state updates

*SharpThings does not store your password -- only a token that can be revoked by uninstalling the SmartApp from the SmartThings mobile app on your phone or tablet.

You can also follow our development progress on the SharpTools Trello board.

Updated as of SharpTools v1.6