Tasker Plugins and Android Widgets Deprecation

SmartThings announced the deprecation of the SmartThings Groovy platform which will impact the Tasker Plugins and Android Widgets.

> The original announcement by SmartThings indicated a September 30th shutdown date, but as of the last edit of this article, the shutdown date has been moved to December 31st, 2022.

Because the SharpTools Tasker Plugins and Android Widgets rely on the SmartThings Groovy platform, they have been removed from the Google Play Store effective immediately (August 2022) and will only continue to work for as long as SmartThings keeps the Groovy platform running. The plugins will not be updated to support the new SmartThings REST APIs as it still leaves too many gaps with things like widgets that display state, event driven Tasker profiles, and more.

The plugins started as a personal project of mine 8+ years ago − I wanted to be able to control my SmartThings devices from Tasker, so I threw together an app for myself. A close friend of mine encouraged me to publish the plugins for the community to use and I've lovingly evolved, enhanced, and maintained them for the past 8 years. All good things come to an end and I now must focus my efforts toward commercial endeavors that actually earn me a living!

Thanks to everyone who used the plugins and widgets over the years and provided kind words of encouragement!


✅ You can find alternative approaches for integrating SmartThings with Tasker (or even using Tasker for Widgets) in the following community post.


👍 SharpTools.io Dashboard and Rule Engine, the commercial endeavor split from the this personal project, has already been migrated to the next-generation SmartThings platform and will continue to work following the Groovy shutdown.