Tasker and Widgets for SmartThings

✅ The web based SharpTools Dashboard and Rule Engine is available at SharpTools.io and works with the next-generation SmartThings platform.

How do I get set up?

What platforms are supported?

SharpTools is available for web, TV, and mobile devices and supports the SmartThings home automation platform.

    • SharpTools for Web: any modern web browser

    • SharpTools for TV: Android TV or Amazon Fire TV

    • SharpTools for Android: modern android device

      • Android 3.0 or newer

      • Phones and Tablets

      • (Android wear via custom Tasker integration)

How can I contribute?

Join the community at https://community.sharptools.io and share your questions, knowledge, examples, or use cases!

Where can I get help?

See the question immediately above and check out our community for support or use Send Feedback in-app!