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Manual installation of the SmartApp is no longer required. Only follow these steps if you have been instructed to do so.

Manually Install the SmartApp

Why is this necessary?

  1. Get a copy of the SmartApp code
  2. Log in to the SmartThings developer platform
  3. Click on the My SmartApps navigation tab at the top of the screen
  4. Click the New SmartApp button
  5. Select the "From Code" tab and paste in the code from Step 1.
  6. Click the 'Create' button at the bottom.
  7. Click the 'App Settings' button at the top
  8. Scroll down and expand the OAuth section by clicking the 'OAuth' header/link
  9. Click the Enable OAuth in Smart App button
  10. Make note of the OAuth Client ID and OAuth Secret.
    Note: These values are unique to your installation.
    Pro-tip: Copy these values into an email and send them to yourself so you can reference them on your Android device later
  11. Scroll down and press the Update button
  12. Click the Code button in the top-right
  13. Click the Publish button and from the drop-down, select For Me

SharpTools Configuration

  1. Open SharpTools from your Android app drawer
  2. Swipe out the left nav-drawer (or click the icon in the top-left of the screen) and select Settings
  3. Once in the Settings screen, you should see authenticate buttons (don't click these yet), click the menu overflow in the Settings screen and select "Advanced Settings"
  4. You should now see preferences for Client ID and Client Secret, tap each one and paste in the corresponding value for each noted earlier
  5. Navigate back to the Settings screen by pressing the back button on your phone or tapping the back button in the top-left of the action bar
  6. Click the Authenticate button and start the authentication process!
    Note: You can long-press on the Authenticate button to start the authentication in Chrome.

Troubleshooting Steps

If the authentication process doesn't start, try the following trouble-shooting steps:

  • Make sure you have published your SmartApp
  • Make sure you have copied the Client ID and Client Secret exactly as it was displayed in the SmartThings developer platform
  • Double check that the Client ID and Client Secret are now showing in the Advanced Settings screen